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Guangdong DE cheng science and education co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as“The company”)Was established2009Years,The registered capital5397.85Ten thousand yuan,Is a use of information technology,For each study period of teacher professional development to provide quality services,The Internet to carry out the education informatization research and application promotion+Education of science and technology enterprises,Is“Teacher professional development services、Education big data carriers”。

The company is based in zhaoqing,Set up guangzhou branch、Dinghu branch and Beijing international center,Which respectively in shanwei、Yangjiang、Dongguan、Yunfu、Huizhou、The flowers are、Shenzhen、Sichuan province、Hainan、Shandong and other regions set up branches and subsidiaries,The business scope covers domestic provinces(Including Hong Kong、Taiwan)、The United States、Canada and other regions and countries。

◆ The enterprise team

Since the establishment of the enterprise,Attaches great importance to the talent team construction。The current enterprise employees nearly350Name,Has a bachelor's degree of employees accounted for80%The above,With senior title of professional experts、The professor3Name,Intermediate title4Name,Primary title17Name,Master graduate student13Name,The introduction of high-level overseas talents1Name,Outside experts team accumulated4000More than。

◆ Qualification

The company is the national high and new technology enterprise、The national primary and middle school students studies education practice base、Excellent enterprise in guangdong province、An innovative pilot enterprises in guangdong province。In scientific research and innovation,With the guangdong education big data engineering technology research center、Education evaluation big data of guangdong province engineering technology research center、Enterprise technology center of guangdong province and other high-end innovation platform;In terms of talent cultivation,With postdoctoral innovation practice base in guangdong province、Guangdong province demonstration base of the postgraduate talent working platform。2016Years,Company: guangdong science and technology department for approval,Led by Internet in guangdong province+Education big data industry technology innovation alliance,Bearing the responsibility of the industrial technology innovation and development of lead。

CompaniesISO9001Quality management system certification、ISO14001Environmental management system certification、ISO27001Information security management system certification、ISO20000Information technology service management system certification、OHSAS18001Occupational health and safety management system certification、GB/T29490Intellectual property management system certification、2012-2017Years“Keep the contract heavy credit enterprise”The certificate、2016-2017The annual tax credit ratingACertificate of classification、Enterprise credit ratingAAAThe certificate、Guangdong province“Quality Service Credibility”AAAGrade enterprise certificate、2013The annual China software and information service education industry outstanding enterprise and other honorary certificate。

◆ Scientific research achievements

For nearly four years,The company independent research and development of products won the state、Province、The city、The district government project of scientific research project and super of the qualification certificate50Items,Have a patent for invention10A,The patent for utility model1A,The software copyright71Items,Micro class、Information technology applications、Education data analysis and application、A guest is education、The traditional culture、Family education works copyright books21Items。

The core business

In the aspect of teachers training business,Company's blue sky education,As a professional and technical personnel to continue education teaching institution in guangdong,Established a complete education、Service and management system,Have a research and development of both、Technology and management team of professional services,Efforts to create blue sky qualifications (acteq brand,A 15 In the culture、Provinces and cities as primary and secondary school teachers training culture experience,A total of developing super teacher training programs 1000 A,Training of both teachers super 500 Thousands of people。

The companyIt happenedIndependent research and developmentThe remote training platform——The blue sky of distance educationThe blue sky of distance education(www.lt-edu.net)Is approved by the education department of guangdong province to set up(Guangdong teaching information【2011】1Number),For all parts of the country especially in primary and secondary school teachers in professional and technical personnel to carry out the non-academic continue education network training education web sites。Training platform set、Teaching and research、Management and resource service in a body,Has the system planning、Functional all ready、Good performance、Reasonable design etc,Comply withSCORMStandard。

In the education informationization on business,Company held the national education development opportunity,Driver development by innovation,Main fulcrum for education big data,Based on education big data cloud platform,Further research and development of wisdom education series products(Including the wisdom campus、Paper and pencil classroom wisdom、Wisdom for examination and assessment、A guest is education、Wisdom micro class, etc);The company successively and zhaoqing DuanZhou district people's government、Zhaoqing in kaixian county bureau of education、Cloud yunfu city people's government signed“To build wisdom education application demonstration area”The cooperation agreement,The wisdom of building area education model project,Provide a copy of the other parts of the wisdom education construction、The success of the model which can be promoted

◆ The development plan

In the future,The company will insist on“Based on the zhaoqing、Service in guangdong、Facing the whole country、To the world”The development of the strategy,Do the following work:One is the construction of DE cheng wisdom education, science and technology industrial park;Park is located in zhaoqing dinghu double gen near the park,Planning a total land area of about47.29m,The construction area8.59Million square meters,The total investment plan3.5One hundred million yuan,Is a great data about education、Education wisdom、Intelligent education equipment、The transformation of scientific and technological achievements、Teachers' professional development、Education training direction of the construction of the education of science and technology industrial park。The second is to reach the companyIPO;2017 Years,Company approved for listing a backup for the zhaoqing city government financial work,And in2019Years1Months to completeARound of financing strategy,The company will be in 2019Years 6 To complete the share reform,2021 In implementation IPO,To bring the company into a market value of billions“The Internet+Education”Domestic leading enterprises,The cultivation of education industry quality brand。

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