1) Termite control(New buildings termite prevention;The botanical garden、The old tree、Old buildings、The reservoir、The damTermite control)
2) Rats and micePest control(All kinds of building regional and municipal environmental control mice)
3) The crawler flying insectsPest control(The red imported fire ants of all kinds of construction area、Cockroaches、The ants、The flea、Bug、Beetles、Millipedes、A centipede、Mosquitoes、The fly、Moths、Midge, etc)
4)Forestry pests and diseasesPrevention and treatment(Pine wood nematode disease prevention and control)
5) Professional

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Company profile

     DE kang company is mainly engaged in termites、The rat、Mosquitoes、The fly、Cockroaches and other harmful biological control(PCO)Service;New buildings termite prevention engineering;Indoor and outdoor environment and sanitation、Health insecticidal disappear bane weapon that sales and other business services and cooperation。DE made kang environmental services existing termite control three senior engineers,Harmful biological control five senior technicians,Intermediate and primary qualified technicians more than 40(The labor department certificate)。Has a group of advanced professional pest control service equipment。DE kang company headquartered in nanchang,Now in changsha、Wuhan、Jiujiang、Ganzhou、At、Jingdezhen、Pingxiang、Shangrao has branches or offices。DE kang company2011Years5Month is rated termite control was used to kill insectsAClass aptitude(The highest)The service unit,Throughout the year2011Years11Month is evaluated“Nanchang cityPCOIndustry in seven parts, to quality service unit”,The company2013Received two termite prevention and control of the national patent。The free provides technical solutions、Customer training free of charge、Provided free of pest risk assessment report。

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Customer service

1、Nanchang18970820395Thank youMr

2Hunan province18827432781ZhangMr

3In hubei province13545176299ZhaoMr

4Other areas outside nanchang of jiangxi provinceThe phone:18970069947Deng Xiaojie

5The whole countryTermite control project18970065991Mr Zhan

6、Forestry pest control(Pine wood nematode disease prevention and control)18970065991Mr Zhan

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In jiangxi province:Nanchang city  Pingxiang jiujiang   Yingtan city Yi chun city Ganzhou city Also the   Yiyang county, fuzhou city  Xinyu  It   

In hubei province: Wuhan city Jingmen The eco-circumstances Xiangfan Jingzhou city Huangshi city Yichang Draws Ezhou Xiaogan Huanggang Shiyan Zaoyang Laohekou 恩施The city Garden city Tianmen city Zhongxiang Qianjiang city The town Honghu Hanchuan Chibi Songzi Danjiangkou city Founded Corp Stone*The city Daye county Zhijiang city Should the city Yi city Dangyang Anlu City Lichuan city

Hunan province: In changsha city Chenzhou city Yiyang city Loudi Zhuzhou city Hengyang city Xiangtan city Yueyang city Chang DE city Shaoyang city Which was Zhangjiajie Huaihua city Liuyang Liling The xiangxiang Leiyang Ruanjiang city Lianyuan Changning county Ji*The city Tianjin city Lengshuijiang city Linxiang city Miluo city Wugang Shaoshan city Anhua.we will act Suggestions for 


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