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In an open and hybrid industrial ecology

Public travel

Cities plan to the blue sky 

Hunan corun new energy co., LTD(SH600478)Adhere to“Two key driving a industrial chain”The strategy,In platform construction of hybrid powertrain system、Public travel service as the key,Drive related industry——Power battery、The coordinated development of battery materials and its key components,To form a hybrid system platform、Nickel metal hydride batteries and nickel foam raw materials of the whole industry chain layout。

​Industrial ecology

Stick to strategic concentration,And r&d,Layout a from the storage of raw materials、 

​Battery material to advanced batteries、Car power battery、The hybrid powertrain system、Battery recycling system of complete industrial chain。

Industrial base7A

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Minister of the ministry MiaoWei inspect corun:Stick to hybrid route“Have heard earlier” Hybrid industry in the future06.25

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