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  •     No other okabe machinery(Shenzhen)Co., LTD,OKABE AND LOCK CO., LTD. Was established1903Years,Is Japan's largest professional manufacture and sale of sealing machine and sealing nail manufacturers,Produced by the companyLOCKSealing machine and sealing are exported to all over the world,In China also have many users。China in order to better serve customers,In the company2004Years5Set up no okabe month in Hong Kong(Hong Kong)Co., LTD,Responsible for the business in greater China,And in2005Years3Month and day trade, mechanical and electrical co., LTD set up production base in shenzhen, China——No other okabe machinery(Shenzhen)Co., LTD,Production and salesLOCKBrand of sealing。In order to ensure the quality of products are in complete accord with Japan factory,No okabe all production equipment and the key production base of raw materials are imported from Japan,Strictly implement production technology of Japanese factories,And by the Japanese engineers responsible for each production link of quality control。

    OKABE AND LOCK CO., LTD.  established in 1903, is Japan's largest professional manufacture and sale of sealing machine and sealing nail manufacturers, the company produced LOCK licensing sealing machine and sealing nail exported around the world, in China also has a large number of users. In order to better serve customers in China, the company in May 2004 set up in Hong Kong Okabe Luo (Hong Kong) Limited, is responsible for Greater China business, and in March 2005 on Trade and Electrical Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen in China set up production bases - Okabe Luo Machinery (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., production and sales licensing LOCK sealing nail. In order to ensure consistent product quality and Japanese factories, Okabe Luo China production base of all production equipment and key raw materials imported by Japan, the strict implementation of the production process plants in Japan by Japanese engineers in charge of each production processes of quality management.